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  • Joslyn Law Firm: DUI Attorney

    Posted: 03/31/2020

    Joslyn Law Firm: DUI Attorney
    The team of professional Dayton OVI attorneys at Joslyn Law Firm in Ohio rely on wisdom to ensure our legal clients receive top notch quality legal representation possible. We exclusively employ devoted, legal experts who appreciate working cohesively to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We focus our professionalism on creating a positive impact for our clients by protecting their rights. We require this same level of dedication from every person on our team. We offer competitive pay, flexible scheduling and legal training from one of the best Dayton OVI defense attorneys Brian Joslyn.
             •        A dedication to make a difference in someone’s life
             •        Compassion and honesty with clients
             •        Flexible availability
             •        Ohio State Bar license
             •        Must pass a criminal & Department of Motor Vehicles background check
             •        Professional references
             •        Good communication skills
             •        Can work well in a group setting
             •        At least 2 years experience as a practicing DUI attorney in Dayton OH
        •    Competitive compensation
        •    Flexible scheduling
        •    Oversight from professional OVI lawyer Brian Joslyn
    Please contact us to apply:
    Joslyn Law Firm
    10 W 2nd St #2
    Dayton, OH 45402
    (937) 356-3969